Why Drug Free Arthritis Cure?

First and foremost I would like to point out that I am not medically trained in any way, shape or form and what you are about to read is how I came across a treatment which cured my Knee, Back and Shoulder Arthritis without the use of drugs.

In 1989, I was living with relatives in the USA and at that stage I had no health problems whatsoever. As a young boy I played football non-stop like a normal child and grew up like any other child.

An occasion came when a relative of mine asked me to join her and her boss for lunch. It soon became known to me that her boss was a Cherokee Indian by decent. During lunch we talked about how she was brought up with her Cherokee Indian parents, their food, lifestyle and how this has helped their community live longer without certain health problems that we have in the west. My cousin and I were then kindly invited to meet her boss's parents and see for ourselves.

When we met them, I was immediately surprised to see how healthy they looked. Especially when I saw her 89 year old father riding a horse as if he was aged in his thirties.

During dinner her father told us all about the way he was brought up. Story's about his lifestyle and the simplicity in his way of life. He told me about different foods and what he called 'Indian Medicine' which he used for every health problem he encountered, with total success.

The conversation later continued and un-folded his knowledge in the prevention of Arthritis. He explained to me that many diseases such as Arthritis, are created through unhealthy eating of the wrong types of food. At that stage, he told me that he had his own way of treating Arthritis without drugs and explained the method to me. He taught me to know the types of food and drink that should be avoided. And for when Arthritis may plague me, he taught me his medicine and advice. Although I was very skeptical about it, I made a note of the treatment and kept it. That was the end of the matter....

After 2 years in the USA, I returned to live in the UK. In 2008, I had my first experience of Knee, Back and Shoulder Arthritis. At first, I tolerated the pain as we all do. Everyone I spoke to told me that this happens due to old age and so I accepted it.

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